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Arrive wrinkle-free with SuitSak – the garment bag for active commuters

  • The best commuter garment bag for your bike or run to the office
  • Designed for the business professional who needs to arrive wrinkle-free along with everything for a day's work
  • Pack your suit, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, toiletries, lunch, laptop, files, books and almost anything else you need for the day with an incredible 40-litre capacity
  • No bicycle rack required – just put it on your back
  • Meets standard airline carry-on requirements
  • Constructed of rugged polyester with waterproof coating and full UV protection


Your suit anywhere. Wrinkle Free. Get there with SuitSak.

SuitSak is a garment bag that can be worn on your back. It allows you to carry your suit, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, toiletries, lunch, laptop, files, books and almost anything else you need for a day’s work. The SuitSak is a revolutionary Green idea that allows people to leave their cars at home and ride their bikes to work and still look good when they get there.

The SuitSak will allow you to save money, save gas, reduce your carbon footprint and be healthier. Imagine how much of a difference it would make for your pocketbook if you rode your bike to work even once a week.

If you were to start riding your bike to work, think about how that might affect your waistline. Your new workout routine can be as simple as changing how you go to work. The best part is that you will still be able to look great in your work clothes because you will arrive, wrinkle-free.

In the Press


Riding in your suit to work is a deal breaker for many. Sweat, rain, and wrinkled clothes are too much of a hurdle for people to overcome. An opportunity lost. But what if there was a way to carry your suit, your laptop, all the necessaries, and be able to maintain your expected dress while reducing your weight?


I may not have the hour long commute to work, but I do enjoy my morning and evening rides to and from. When the weather turns south on me, I need to carry my work clothes in my back pack and change once I am here.


While proper cycling clothes can make commuting more comfortable, they give off the wrong impression at the boardroom. Thankfully, the SuitSak allows riders to carry a suit, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, toiletries and any other daily necessities in a convenient wrinkle-free garment bag that does double duty as a backpack.

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 10 cm

Black, Green, Blue

3 reviews for The SuitSak

  1. I use the suitsak about 3-4x a week on a daily commute about 7miles each way. It’s basically a fancy garments carrier that folds in half allowing you to carry your whole suit (you could probably actually carry 2-3 if you really wanted to), shoes, other random items and what not in a backpack style of way. It connects the bag portion to the top straps of your shoulder (so that the big will sit high) with buckle clips. It also has a big buckle clip to go across your chest so that it doesn’t move around. Obviously designed by someone doing bike commuting. The only drawback to it is sort of obvious–if you hit a windy day it makes it marginally harder to ride (I would guess maybe 10-15% more effort). No problems at all. Good experience overall.

  2. Pro:
    – good design
    – plenty of space
    – my suit is always wrinkle free

    – could have a mesh back for better ventilation
    – a bit more air drag (about 5-10%)

  3. 5 out of 5

    I’ve been using the SuitSak for a few weeks now – it works really well. I didn’t want the hassle of panniers and adding extra stuff onto my bike, I just wanted a simple way to get my clothes and gear to work without being a complete mess. The SuitSak is big enough to carry everything I need including even my laptop and shoes. It’s a great piece of kit if you’re thinking about starting to cycle to work like me!

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