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How to Stay Safe on a Bike while Commuting

Cheap, reliable, and economical transportation is at the top of everyone’s priorities these days, for various reasons.  It’s only natural to return to the fundamentals, namely biking to and from work, school, and the little errands that seem to always take a bit longer than intended, thanks to gridlock. If you’ve been taking up bike […]


Top Tips for Biking to Work

Tips for biking to work are essential if you are considering ditching your car or public transportation and biking to work. Biking to work will provide considerable advantages as well as challenges to your daily commute. Most people who bike to work either live close to where they work or will commute at least part […]


Save Time by Biking to Work in NYC

Anyone who has been to New York City has horror stories about the traffic, but a new study just discovered how bad it really is. Of the thirty largest cities in the United States, the Big Apple has the largest average commuter time by far. Spending an average of six and a quarter hours commuting […]

The Best Gear for Bicycle Commuters

Now that you have made the commitment to bike to work, you’ve decided to save the planet, maximize your time and money and transform your health. Your daily bicycle commute can become even more comfortable and seamless with this list of the best gear for bicycle commuters! 1. A Water Bottle and a Water Bottle […]

SuitSak commuting by bike garment bag

Why You Should Start Biking To Work

Biking to work is an excellent alternative to driving to work and back each day. Driving to work uses gas and ultimately does not do anything for your stress level. By biking to work, you can miss the traffic and burn some calories in the process. Here’s why cycling to work is better than driving: Biking […]