About SuitSak

SuitSak is a commuter garment bag that can be worn on your back. With a 40 litre capacity,  you can carry your suit, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, toiletries, lunch, laptop, files, books; everything else you need for a day’s work – and ride or run there. Leave the car or transit behind, get back on your bike and arrive sharp and wrinkle-free .
  • The best commuter garment bag for your bike or run to the office
  • Designed for the business professional who needs to arrive wrinkle-free along with everything for a day’s work
  • No rack required – just put it on your back
  • Constructed of rugged polyester with waterproof coating and full UV protection

The SuitSak mission – making active, happy people

We love our bikes. SuitSak was created so that more people can get on their bikes and be active every day as part of their daily commute. We’re passionate about getting people on their bikes and exercising more but know that fitting in exercise around a busy schedule can be tough. That’s why we wanted to create something that empowered people to make exercise through commuting to work on a bike, part of their daily routine.

Biking to work helps you get to start and finish your day stress-free. When cycling, your endorphins start flowing which in turn makes you happier and less stressed. The health benefits of biking are well documented: from better sleep to increased brain function, to avoiding illness, or simply living longer, all of these have been linked to regular cycling. You’re likely to save time on your commute every day which will also help your work-life balance.

Exercise is good, but so too is the impact on the environment and your wallet when you bike to work. When you bike you reduce the amount of traffic and pollutants. And of course your wallet benefits too, with no need to pay for gas, less wear and tear on the car, and free parking, biking becomes a no-brainer; it’s cheaper, healthier, more environmentally conscious, and you’ll save time too.

The SuitSak Story

Created by Chris Thom, an Investment Advisor, born and raised in Vancouver. As an avid cyclist, he wanted to create something that enabled him to cycle to work but look great when he got there. He wanted an all-in-one solution; something that was hassle free and could be worn on your back without having to buy any other equipment; something that had a large capacity so that you could carry all you need for a day’s work; and something that enabled you to leave the car or transit behind, get back on your bike and arrive sharp and wrinkle-free. And so SuitSak was born.

Production began in 2010 and soon after SuitSak was featured on Season 5 of CBC’s Dragon’s Den where he was offered funding.

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Corporate / Group Orders

Custom Logos

If you are looking for a way to show your employees and customers that you care about the environment, the SuitSak is a great way to accomplish it. Having cyclists wear your logo on their back while they commute to work is a very cost-effective way to show your commitment to the environment. Many of our clients have used SuitSaks with their logo as a great incentive for their employees to take part in a healthier lifestyle.

Group / volume pricing

Discounted pricing is available based on volume. For more information, please contact us.