SuitSak – the commuter’s garment bag

SuitSak is a commuter garment bag that can be worn on your back. With a 40 litre capacity,  you can carry your suit, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, toiletries, lunch, laptop, files, books; everything else you need for a day’s work – and ride or run there. Leave the car or transit behind, get back on your bike and arrive sharp and wrinkle free .
  • The best commuter garment bag for your bike or run to the office
  • Designed for the business professional who needs to arrive wrinkle-free along with everything for a day’s work
  • No rack required – just put it on your back
  • Constructed of rugged polyester with waterproof coating and full UV protection

Look great in your work clothes when you arrive wrinkle-free.


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In the Press


Riding in your suit to work is a deal breaker for many. Sweat, rain, and wrinkled clothes are too much of a hurdle for people to overcome. An opportunity lost. But what if there was a way to carry your suit, your laptop, all the necessaries, and be able to maintain your expected dress while reducing your weight?


I may not have the hour long commute to work, but I do enjoy my morning and evening rides to and from. When the weather turns south on me, I need to carry my work clothes in my back pack and change once I am here.


While proper cycling clothes can make commuting more comfortable, they give off the wrong impression at the boardroom. Thankfully, the SuitSak allows riders to carry a suit, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, toiletries and any other daily necessities in a convenient wrinkle-free garment bag that does double duty as a backpack.